DeviceSync Tags/Results


DeviceSync is a locally installed application that allows you to download Instruments, Loops, Systems and PMs as Tasks and upload Results as Calibration records and Logged Data records into ProCalV5 via a web-enabled interface.

  • It is compatible with all Fluke 74x and 75x calibrators, Fluke 729 calibrators, Beta 990 and Honeywell 2020 calibrators

Helpful Hints

  • The Install Nickname is set during Registration of your DeviceSync install. You may want to make this a helpful name like “Dell Laptop 2017” to better identify the installation.

DeviceSync Overview

  • After completing registration, DeviceSync will open to the main screen with the following on the header:

  • Active Device Area:  When logged into DeviceSync without a calibrator connected, the “Active Device Area” will display the text “No Device Connected”.  Selecting this area will still provide the user the options (Clear Calibrator Memory, Change Device, and Scan for Devices) that would be displayed if a calibrator were connected.           
    • When the Clear Calibrator Memory option is grayed out like above, there is no DPC connected; when active and selected, the option will clear all Tags and Results present on the calibrator.
    • Selecting the Change Device option will show any other connected DPC calibrators
    • Selecting the Scan for Devices option, DeviceSync will search all ports for other potentially connected DPC calibrators.
      • This is typically used for older style calibrators.                                                        
  • Current Organization:  During the Registration process, the user selected a Default Organization, that Organization is present in the Current Organization area.
    • Selecting the Organization allows for the user to Change Organizations.               
    • To navigate in between Organizations, select whichever Organization you wish and then click the Select button.          
  • Current User:   When the user started DeviceSync, they were required to enter an Email and Password, the Email used is what is displayed, indicating which user is currently logged in.



  • The Tags tab will display all tags that have been successfully downloaded to DeviceSync through ProCalV5.
  • The Tag will display the ID from ProCalV5 as well as the type of asset that the ID belongs to.
  • Tags are downloaded in “Sessions”, a “Session” can consist of just 1 Tag, or it can be multiple.
  • The “Session” is labeled by the Date and Time the tag was sent to DeviceSync, as well as the ProCalV5 Company the tag(s) were downloaded from.
  • At the end of the “Session” there is a bubble with a number inside that indicates the total number of tags in the given “Session”.


Push to Device

  • The “Push To Device” button is only viable if individual tags and/or sessions are selected.
    • If you select the “Push to Device” button without any tags or sessions selected, a message will appear reminding the user no tags are selected.
  • Once a tag and/or sessions is selected the “Push to Device” button allows for the selected tags to be pushed to the connected calibrator.
  • If there are any errors with how the tags are set up, they will be displayed at the conclusion of the “Push”.
  • Messages will appear for the start and end of the “Push”, as well as a confirmation of how many tags were successfully pushed.
  • Once the “Push” is complete the “Last Push” area will be updated with the Date and Time.


  • The Results tab will display all of the calibration results that have been collected from the connected calibrator.
  • The Results tab gets populated in two ways, Automatically and Manually.
    • Automatically: if there are results present on the calibrator and the user were to do a “Push”, results will automatically be “Pulled”.
    • Manually: if the user is just doing a “Pull” with no “Push” involved, they must select the “Pull From Device” button.
  • Results are separated by “Sessions”, same as the Tags were.
  • Result “Sessions” consists of the kind of result (calibration, saved state, logged date), the tag ID and then the date and time the calibration was completed (date and time on the calibrator).  The header of the Session displays the Date and Time the “Pull” was completed.
  • Last Pull area is updated with the Date and Time of the last successful “Pull” from a calibrator.


Push to ProCalV5

  • Once results are populated in DeviceSync, the next step is to “Push” them to the production ProCalV5 system.
  • The “Push to ProCalV5” can be done 1 of two ways, automatically and manually.
    • Automatically: When a result is “Pulled” from the calibrator and populates DeviceSync there will be a blue icon that will appear after the “Pull”.  With a maximum of roughly 60 seconds the result will automatically be “Pushed” to the ProCalV5 staging tables.  Once “Pushed” the blue icon will change to a different green icon.
    • Manually: Selecting the “Push to ProCalV5” button, allows for the user to quickly transfer the results to the ProCalV5 staging tables.
  • If the result has a green icon, the result is now available to be Uploaded into ProCalV5.
  • If there are results that are exact duplicates, ProCalV5 will handle this and only allow one of the results into the production ProCalV5 database.




  • By selecting the user (email address) in the top right corner, the user is presented with four (4) options Settings, Logout. About, and Quite DeviceSync.
    • Logout will log the specific user that is currently logged into DeviceSync out and direct the user to the Login page.
    • Quit DeviceSync, completely closes DeviceSync from the tray.
    • Settings present the user with DeviceSync settings specifically.
  • Auto Launch: When selected, DeviceSync will automatically launch when Windows is started.  It will start DeviceSync with the user already logged in.
  • Language Preference: Allows for user to change the language that is displayed in DeviceSync. Checking 1 of the 6 languages (English, Francais, Deutsche, Italiano, Portugues, and Espanol) and then closing the Settings screen will change the DeviceSync language immediately.
  • Default File Download Folder: Is relevant to File Transfers (See Mobile File Transfers section for more information).
  • Proxy Settings/URL: Enter proxy URL here (See Proxy Settings section for more information).


Messages, Help, and Contact

  • Messages: By select the Messages option it will open to a comprehensive ongoing list of all communication DeviceSync has.  
    • Messages will appear for any and all “Pulls” and “Pushes”, in addition to clearing the device as well as any errors that may appear.  
    • Next to each message there is a Date and Time for when the message was generated.
    • An orange bubble will appear next to the Messages option, if the Message area is not open and a new message has been generated.
  • Help: By selecting the Help option, the online help manual will be displayed to the user.
  • Contact: By selecting the Contact option a blank email will appear with nothing but our support email address populating the “To” area.
    • DeviceSync uses whichever email provider the user has designated as their default on the workstation.


Download Items from ProCalV5

Downloading items from ProCalV5 to your calibrator device consists of two steps.

  • Download via ProCalV5
  • Push to Device from DeviceSync


Download Tags from ProCalV5 to DeviceSync

Within the ProCalV5 ‘Upload/Download’ screen a new Port is listed for “PCX Adapter”

Select this Port and Download items as normal using any of the available methods; “By Cals Due”, “By Query”, “By Open Tasks/Requests”, and “By Configuration”. You will receive a confirmation message indicating how many Tags you have downloaded.

Push Tags from DeviceSync to Device

In the ‘Tags’ screen you will see your recent downloaded sessions.

To Select all Tags in a Session: check the checkbox next to the session title.

To Select individual Tagscheck the checkboxes next to any desired item

To Expand/Collapse a Session: click the session title to expand or collapse the set of Tags. You can also see a count of Tags in that session to the right of the title

In order to start a Push to a device you will need an Active Device.  Click ‘Push to Device’ to send the selected Tags to your connected calibrator Device.

IMPORTANT: When pushing to a Device, DeviceSync will automatically Pull any Results that are on that calibrator into the Results area before starting the Push to the Tasks of your calibrator. This is to ensure your Results are always safely stored.

When your Push to Device process is complete you will see confirmation in the Messages area.

Note: The Messages area will show an indicator with the count of any new messages.

Helpful Hints

*You can download Tags from ProCalV5 to DeviceSync and perform a Push to Device later on when offline!

Upload Results to ProCalV5

Uploading Results from your calibrator to Calibration, Logged Data, or Result Text Files in ProCalV5 is a simple three step process:

  1. Pull from Device to get your results into DeviceSync
  2. Push to ProCalV5 to send results to the cloud service (automatic)
  3. Upload from PCX Adapter in ProCalV5


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