Release Notes for version

These notes describe in detail what elements were changed during the release process of applicable modules for the ProCalV5 Calibration and Maintenance and Quality Management Systems.


Release Details:

Applicable Modules

All application and system modules along with all documentation have been updated to version



S-03185 Calibration screen – Make the “Keep On Schedule (Override Manually)” checkbox invisible if calibration is performed within it’s allowed date range or performed late.

S-03489 Advanced Query - Add the ability to Query on Notes.

Detailed Description - The value “Search Notes” will now be available in the ‘Additional Fields to be Displayed’ and in the ‘Selection Criteria’. When ‘Search Notes is selected for the “Selection Field Name” the “Operation” will default to “LIKE” and the “Selection Value” will probably need the wildcard symbol, “%”

S-03501 Advanced Query - Customer would like to be able to save an advanced query with a date that will always be X number of days from today's date.

Detailed Description - Example - Save a query that shows Next Cal Date <= today's date + 60 days today's="" date="" +="" 60="">

S-03506 Advanced Query – Add the ability to save Queries at different levels.

Detailed Description – Advanced Queries can be saved as three different types:

  • Global – All Users will be able to Run these saved Queries and depending on their access levels, they will be able to Modify and/or Delete.
  • Execute Query – All Users will be able to Run these saved Queries. Only System Administrators will be able to Modify and/or Delete.
  • Private – Queries saved as ‘Private’ will only be available to the creator and System Administrators.

S-03515 Work Order screen – Add ‘Item Description’ to the available columns.

S-03602 Test Types – Enhance certain Test Types to no longer display a “Test Output Grid” when this grid is not applicable. (Task List TTP)

S-03627 Calibration screen – Test Instrument tab – Add more information, specifically “Test Instrument Description” to the grid

Detailed Description – We did a complete redesign of the Calibration screen’s Test Instrument tab:

  • Additional Fields
  • Available Sorting on all Columns
  • Search features

S-03669 Calibration screen – Prevent Calibrate date from being greater than Today’s date

S-03970 Calibration screen – Test Instrument tab – capture additional static information for the Test Instruments that are used for on the Calibration: Description, Make, Model, Serial Number

S-04591 Maintenance Results screen – Multiple changes to the Maintenance Result screen:

  • Three new open Text fields
    • Work Description – Any values on the Maintenance Request’s Work Description or the PM’s Description will be copied
    • Reason – Open text field
    • Action Taken – Open text field
  • Three new List Items – these fields listed below will have predefined checkboxes that can have multiple values selected:
    • Maintenance Tests
    • Error Code
    • Failed Components
  • New Grids for better searching and filtering
  • Ability to “Copy Results”

S-05600 Three New buttons added to Master records:

  • “Repairs” that will become available if the record has at least one Maintenance Result. Selecting the button will open the “Show Work History” screen
  • “Maintenance” that will become available if the record has at least one Planned Maintenance. Selecting the button will navigate to the ‘Maintenance’ tab (formally PM Info tab)
  • “Method” that will become available when a Document is associated to the master record. Selecting the button will open the “Documents/Reports” tab.

S-05778 When launching a Calibration from the Master record allow the user to select either Full Calibration or PM(s) as the source.

Detailed Description – If the record has a ‘Calibration’ PM then when a Calibration is launched from the Master record, the user will have to choose either the specs form the master record or from a PM

S-05779 Work Order screen – Enhance the grid on the Scheduled tasks tab.

Detailed Description – Allowing for the Filtering on each Column and new Search features.

S-05804 Advanced Query – Enhance functionality for querying on User Defined Variables

Detailed Description – Users will now be able to run an Advanced Query with more than one Use Defined Variable.

S-05806 Advanced Query – Add the ability to Query on multiple Asset types.

Detailed Description – Users can now run an Advanced Query across multiple Record types that have like information, Example – Show all records that have Department “Cost Center 1”.

S-05807 Do not auto check to Roll the date for a PM when performing a Calibration for an Asset

Detailed Description – Even if a PM record is due at the time of the Calibration of the master record, the PM Roll Date box will have to be manually checked.

S-05808 Add email notifications to applicable Group members of records awaiting Approval.

Detailed Description – New Company option to send an Email to Group members when an Approval Policy needs to be signed off.

S-05809 Advanced Query – Allow users to modify line items in ‘Selection Criteria’ without removing the line.

Detailed Description – Before if you needed to make a change to the Selection Criteria you had to ‘Remove’ the line and recreate it. Now, you can make changes directly in the Criteria field.

S-06141 Calibration screen – Show Components of Systems and Loops on the Calibration screen.

Detailed Description – If the Calibrated item has any associated Systems and/or Loops, they will be listed on the ‘Calibration Info’ tab.

S-06168 Expand front end to accept 255 characters for Department name and Compliance Report Type

S-06173 Create shortcuts for starting Calibrations or Maintenance from master records “CTRL+Q”

S-06288 User Administration screen – New grid added that allows for searching and filtering of Employee records.

Detailed Description – On the User Administrator screen, a new grid will allow for the searching of an Employee record.

S-07567 “Comment Fields” now to be a feature that can be set to on or off.

S-09287 On the Advanced Query screen, add additional fields to query on.

Detailed Description - The ‘Item Query’ allows you to Query across multiple record types, (Instrument, Loops, Equipment, Systems and Test Instruments) to get better results, we added additional fields.

S-09316 On the Equipment screen, Instruments/Loops tab, add a column for “Status” for Instruments



S-09366                When performing a Planned Maintenance Calibration, display the PM ID on the Calibration screen 

S-09367               Warn User if when Finalizing a Compliance Report if the Status is an Active Status



S-09368  Copy Planned Maintenance User Defined Variables to the Calibration if the calibration is triggered by a PM

S-09913   On the Advanced Query screen, for Master records that have Change Control on, add additional an additional field,  “Active Change Control” to query on.

S-09942  On the Reminders screen, “Show Incomplete Calibrations”, has been changed to Not display Incomplete Calibrations that have been Finalized.


S-09944   Manual Pass/Fail Test Type package, remove the option of “Unknown” from ‘As Found Result’ and ‘As Left Result’.



S-09945   Master Records that have the “Show Work History” option, allow for sorting on the following columns:

              Calibrations – “Calibrated”

              Maintenance – “End Date”


            Compliance Report Records – “Event Date” 

S-09946   Allow for the “Manual Due Date Extension Alert Type” to work on records that use Change Control. The Maintenance Request will be generated on the final Approval of the Change Control record



D-01082 The Correlation Table’s Audit records were defaulting to the User’s Language not the Company’s default language.

D-01086 Advanced Query screen on the Export Module not translating “End of Week” value correctly

D-01094 Outputs for the “PCSwitchTest “ Test Type package not translated correctly

D-01096 Data Load – User Defined Signatures not uploading correctly

D-01203 CC Exempt field not displaying “dd-mmm-yyyy” System Date format setting (B22A)

D-01208 The Label for Directions on the Location screen was not modifiable

D-01277 The ProCalV5 Test Type Resource File needed translation  corrections

D-01560 The Calibration Check box only appears for the first Calibration when using Multi-Mode from Explorer

D-01697 Reverse Traceability Report not working from Test Instrument screen.

D-01734 Task List TTP allows for editing during Calibration entry

D-01737 Change Control – Record shows changes made to the Test Point Groups when no changes were made

D-01739 View CC Changes – Manual Pass Fail TTP not showing changes correctly

D-01740 Audit Trail Labels – Building and Location are reversed.

D-01741 Multi-Language – Correction to French Translations

D-01742 Loop screen – Expand the ID field so the full ID will be visible

D-01753 Company screenCC Exempt fields are using DB default labels and not the User changed labels.

D-01754 User Defined labels – French Locale – single quotation marks not displaying correctly

D-01755 Change Control – Next Cal Date not displayed correctly on open CCs

D-02260 Manual Pass/Fail TTP – As Found result marked as Pass on Work History screen when Test Performed is set to “No”

D-02269 Import/Export Utility – When selecting items to download using Queries, errors are generated.

D-02287 Multi-Language – Frequencies that are created in French language that use “Years” not working correctly

D-02292 Calibrations being saved to the wrong item

D-02940 Archive Utility fails to Archive Calibrations if Calibration contains a Note

D-03111 Errors on the Export screen when trying to Export via Queries

D-03139 Equipment screen, Equipment ID can be modified when the record is opened for the first time

D-03200 Read Only users can modify CC Exempt fields

D-03131 Clicking on the “Work History” on the Mobile Workstation results in a ‘bad join’ error

S-03862 Task screen – Opening the task screen from the Work Order screen opens the task record on the Notes tab


Obscure Bugs and Reports

D-01743 Calibration Report – When users enter no data in a Test Point, this should result in a Failed value. The Report interrupts this as a zero entry. This will cause undesired effects.

D-02720 Reverse Traceability report removed from the Test Instrument screen.



There were no enhancements made to the database in this release.



There were no corrections made to the database for this release.



The User Manual was updated to include the additional features for this release.





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