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Release Notes for


S-09001 Add the ability to Filter by Department or partial ID on the Upload/Download screen:

When selecting Tags to download with the ‘Due Date’ option, Users will now be able to filter by a Department value or enter a partial ID.

S-09004 Remove the “Auto Refresh” option on the Upload/Download screen, Options tab, Download Options tab.

              Customers were complaining that in some instances it take to long to load the records.


S-09022 Enhance the Find option on the  Calibration screen to accept a partial Item ID.

              Customers needed a faster way to search for Calibrations. Functionality modified to accept a partial ID.


S-09046 Improve navigation speed on the Loop screen when Company has a large number of Instrument records.

Customers were experiencing long wait times when navigating on the Loop screen if the Company had a large number of Instrument records.

S-09061 Add a record count on the Upload/Download screen, Download tab.

              This count is for the number of Tags downloaded, (Groups) not the number of master records.


S-09067 Add additional columns of information when listing various List screens:






D-02736 Users unable to Upload a Calibration if the record uses the Manual Pass/Fail TTP and a Setup message.

D-02762 URL’s that are associated with Document records or on User Defined Variables are not working.

D-02765 Data Load Utility processing records as Approved regardless of the setting.

D-02766 Data Load Utility displays the ‘hardcoded’ version numbering instead of the “.pcopts”

D-02772 Upload of an Ad-hoc calibration that is a Switch Test will not properly set some numeric values.

D-02895 mmH2O unit is incorrectly mapped in the Fluke DPC Adapter

D-02969 Finalizing a Calibration with a new Note removes Approval

D-03084 If Reminders are being built for All Companies then Advanced Queries may result in records from other Companies.

D-03085 The building of ProCal Explorer fails with a ‘typecast’ error if Item IDs have the same value as Locations

D-03086 Printer Selection has no value on the Mass Update Utility.

D-03098 Changing the ID of an Equipment record is not removing all “PCItems” references

D-03113 Work Order screen 'Assigned Tasks' grid isn't displaying 'Location' or 'Building' fields

D-03120 Assign Next Cal Dates on Calibration record during upload

D-03123 Upload/DownLoad screen, Download tasks are displaying PM records twice

D-03125 Downloading By Query is Failing on PM UDVs on Upload Download Screen

S-09173 The Next Cal Date on the Calibration screen is not being updated during the Upload of Calibrations from a Calibrator

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