Release Notes for

Release Notes for

Add the ability to create Instrument IDs from an Uploaded ad-hoc calibration on the Fluke Calibrator:

When Uploading an ad-hoc result and there is not a matching ID in the Company, you will have the option to create a new Instrument record along with the Calibration. The new Instrument will have the ID, Serial Number, (if entered on the Calibrator) and the Test Point Group.


Show Equipment Description in drop down lists on Item screens:

 On the Instrument and Loop screens, the Equipment ID drop down will now show the Equipment Description.


Show Test Instrument Description on Calibration screen

On the Calibration screen, Test Instruments tab, the displayed Test Instrument list will now contain:

  • Company
  • Test Instrument ID
  • Test Instrument Description


Make list screens re-sizable and bigger

When on List screens you will now be able to expand the screen size.


Add Shortcut keys for initiating a Calibration from a master record.

The shortcut keys of “CTRL+Q” will now start a Calibration for the master record that you are on.


The display of all Logged on Users will now include the Time/Date of when they logged on.

 This change will help admins when they need to Force a User off the system to free up a license.


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