Release Notes PCX July 2023

PCX Pro Edition is now live!


Multi-Organizational Unit / Multi-Site Support

PCX Pro Edition is now available, which contains multi-site support within one database.

  • Manage all Results, Assets and Configuration data from the top level of your organizational hierarchy all at once.
  • Allow for site-exclusive asset and result data as well as hierarchical configuration sharing.
  • Dashboard gives users a view of data across the current and all sub-sites, or for site-specific access.
  • User Role assignment in PCX Pro edition is now by Organizational Unit, so you can organize your access by the privileges assigned.

Measurement Uncertainty

PCX Pro Edition will allow for the configuration of Measurement Uncertainty Budgets along with fundamental Decision Rules on applying uncertainties to measurement Pass/Fail outcomes.
Users can store Uncertainty components on UUTs and Standards of all Asset Types.


See above: new Uncertainty tab on Assets shows pre-defined Uncertainty Components, Uncertainty Requirement Setting as well as automated Fail or Indeterminate.


See above: On Result Entry, the user can elect to manually enter OR calculate Uncertainty by Component. Components are auto-loaded from Test Standards and the Asset under test (Unit Under Test AKA UUT)



Uncertainty values are shown on the report with Confidence Level per the selected Coverage Factor.


Having Problems? Want to give Feedback?

  • If you encounter a problem with PCX or DeviceSync during the this release or would like to issue a feature request
  • Thank you for reading!





  • Is there a limit to how many Uncertainty Components I can define?
    • No limit, plus uncertainty components can be added on the fly on the calibration result.
  • How are uncertainty components matched to the test specification or test points?
    • Today they are matched simply by Output Unit. If you need more please contact us so we can review your particular scenario.
  • Is there a limit to how many Sites or Regions or other Organizational Units?
    • There is no limit, though we recommend being careful about how it is configured. If you are not sure please contact our support and professional services team to advise you. 
  • Can I move Assets between Organizational Units?
    • Today this is not available. Contact us to move a record if necessary.
  • Can I rename or rearrange my Organizational Units?
    • Yes! You can rename them and move them from one Organizational subsections any time
  • Are configuration lists from higher level Organizational Units made available to child and descendent units?
    • Yes this is by design in order to help limit the configuration that is needed per site. 
    • Test Standards from sites in a given Organizational Units' hierarchy are made available for Results in that OU.
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