Release Notes DeviceSync 3.0.0

DeviceSync 3.0.0 now uses the latest PCX Web application technology!




  • Faster Installation
  • Easier to find Assets sent from ProCal
  • Review the list of Results to send to ProCal
  • Download Files sent to DeviceSync from app or any browser
  • Easier sign-up


New Features

  • Integrated web application experience
    • The new DeviceSync 3 application wraps the hardware commands such as Upload and Clear Memory around a browser-based interface
    • Access the same interface on a browser from 
  • Search Assets
    • Search by Description, ID or other fields to filter down the list of items to send to your connected calibrator
  • Device Support
    • Fluke 753 and 754 supported by default
    • Some customers may access additional calibrator models (Ask your Account Representative for details on licensing)
  • Dashboard
    • Shows an Organization-wide quick view of overall counts and year-over-year results processed through DeviceSync and PCX in the DeviceSync edition.
  • Languages
    • English, Spanish and Portuguese are supported
  • Self-Sign up / Automatic Invite - Reduced administrative burden!
    • Prime Technologies can set up automated whitelisting with a default Role for verified email address domains of your choosing. This allows your company's users to sign themselves up for DeviceSync access when they already have a corresponding user in ProCal Direct/ProCalV5
    • Sending Tags from ProCalV5 as new Assets for a new user? This user is automatically invited to the ProCal system's related DeviceSync organization. 


  • New Navigation bar
  • In-app self-administration for Inviting, Editing and Removing Users

Known Limitations

  • Fluke 729 Support coming soon
  • Online data only / Ofl



  • Browser recommendations for web experience
    • Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
  • DeviceSync : see Requirements
    • Generally: Windows 10, 64-bit


Other Impacts

  1. As of release, requires ProCalV5 5.9.0.x Oracle on ProCal Direct
  2. ProCalV5 Virtual COM Port for DeviceSync - updated to use "DeviceSync 3" brand name


Having Problems? Want to give Feedback?

  • If you encounter a problem with PCX or DeviceSync during the this release or would like to issue a feature request
  • Thank you for reading!
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