Pre-Configured Data: List Items

Below are the pre-configured list items that are included with any new PCX tenant.



Category Name Name  
Category Name
Electrical High Voltage   Safety Corrosive
Process Critical   Safety Explosive
Process Disposable   Safety Flammable
Process Non-Critical   Safety Fouling
Process Normal   Safety Non-Toxic
Process Replacement   Safety Simple Asphyxiant
Regulatory EPA   Safety Slip Risk
Regulatory GLP   Safety Toxic
Regulatory GMP      





Amount Name Unit Name
1 Annually Years
1 Daily Days
1 Monthly Months
3 Quarterly Months
6 Semi-Annually Months
1 Weekly Weeks




Additel Belden Endress+Hauser Honeywell OSIsoft Siemens Weidmuller
Advantech Bosch Rexroth Energizer IFM Parker Spectris Wika
AEMC Instruments Burkert Fanuc IMI Pepperl+Fuchs SPX Yaskawa
Altek Burns Engineering Festo Krohne Phoenix Contact TechniTool Yokogawa
Ametek EIG Cameron Flowserve Metso Pilz Tektronix  
Amprobe Cashco Fluke Mettler Red Lion Teledyne Instruments  
Ashcroft Chessel FMC Mettler-Toledo Rockwell Thermo Fisher Scientific  
Aspen Technology Cole-Parmer Fuji Electric Minco Rockwell Automation Thorton  
azbil Group (Yamatake) CorDEX GE Mitsubishi Electric Roper Industrie Toshiba  
B&R Danaher Gems Mitutoyo Rosemount Turck  
Badger Meter Dell General MKS Instruments  Samson Valtek  
Barksdale Dwyer Hart MTL Sartorius Vega  
Beamex Eaton Harting National Instruments Schneider Electric Wago  



Result Statuses

Name Display Order
Draft 1
In Progress 2
Submitted 3
Reviewed 4
Approved 5





Full Name Name  
Full Name
Full Name
Percent %   Inches in   Minutes min
Percent Relative Humidity %RH   Inches of Water inH2O   Megajoules MJ
Degrees Celsius °C   Inches of Mercury inHg   Millimeters mm
Degrees Fahrenheit °F   Kelvin K   Millimeters of Water mmH2O
Rankine °R   Kilograms kg   Millimeters of Mercury mmHg
Micrograms µg   Kilohertz kHz   Megapascals MPa
Micrometers µm   Kilometers km   Milliseconds ms
Amps A   Kilopascals kPa   Millivolts mV
Bar bar   Kiloohms kΩ   Megaohms MΩ
British Thermal Units BTU   Liters L   Nanometer nm
Centimeters cm   Meters m   Pascal Pa
Days day   Meters Per Second m/s   pH pH
Feet ft   Milliamps mA   Parts Per Billion ppb
Feet of Water ftH2O   Cubic Meters Per Second m³/s   Parts Per Million ppm
Grams g   Millibar mbar   Pounds Per Square Inch psi
Gallons gal   Milligrams mg   Seconds s
Gallons Per Minute GPM   Meters of Water mH2O   Volts V
Hours hr   Meters of Mercury mHg   Ohms
Hertz Hz   Megahertz MHz      



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