PCX - Calibrator Essential Downloads

Here are important downloads and download location links for using PCX with field calibrators


PCX Desktop

Download PCX Desktop to connect your web-based system with local calibrators:

Latest Version 1.0.1557.15

64-bit Windows

Space: Up to 500MB / Memory 8GB RAM

Required: your Windows PC must have the Microsoft Store installed to enable MSIX-based install packages. 


Installation: Log into PCX and open the Help panel to download and install.



Fluke 754 and 753 USB Driver Installations

Fluke 754 and 753 USB Drivers are available from Fluke:


Go to Fluke Site to Download



Fluke 729 Pressure Calibrator USB Driver

Fluke 729 uses the FTDI Virtual COM Port (VCP) Driver. Available on 64-bit here:

See FTDI for Windows Download - Fluke 729 USB Driver Compatible 


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