New Users

New Users
  • After an Administrator creates a new user account, an activation email is sent to the email address entered on the new user’s profile.
  • The email will contain a link that will allow the user to activate their account. The link will expire after 72 hours. The new user will not be able to log in to ProCal eView until their account is activated and they set a password.

  • HINT: The link in the activation email will expire after 72 hours. The new user must activate their account during that window, if time expires an Administrator must resend the activation email.
  • When the link is selected, a new browser tab will open to ProCal eView’s Verify Account screen. Enter a matching password in the Password and Confirm Password fields, then select Update.

  • The user account will then be activated and the user will be logged into ProCal eView.

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