Editing a User

Editing a User
  • To edit an existing user, navigate to the User List screen by selecting the Administration menu then the Users option.
  • The username will be shown in the Name column. Click the username to open the User List screen, where the User’s profile will be displayed in a read only format.
  • To edit the User’s account, select the Edit button. To delete the User, select Delete.

  • HINT: If a User does not receive the activation email or if the link expires, an Administrator can send the email again by clicking the Resend Verification Link button on the Show User screen.
  • In the Edit User screen, administrator users are able to modify an existing User’s profile. After the desired changes are made, they are saved by selecting the Update button.

  • HINT: Only users with the Enabled checkbox marked will be able to log in. If a user is not able to log in, an Administrator should check their user profile to confirm the Enabled checkbox is marked. Also check the Account Expired and Account Locked checkboxes.
  • Allowed Companies
    • Administrator users can restrict which Procal “Companies” a user has access to in ProCal eView. Users will only be permitted to create and run reports for Companies that they are granted access to.
    • If the checkbox is marked, the user will have access to each company in the ProCalV5 database. If the checkbox is unmarked, the Administrator user must select which Companies the user has access to in the Select Companies dropdown menu.
  • Restricted Reports
    • In addition to restricting Company access, administrative users can also select specific reports that a user cannot access by selecting them in the Reports to Deny Access to dropdown menu.
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