Creating an Organization

Creating an Organization

The first step the Administrator should take is to ensure there is an Organization created in the application. Without an Organization, users will not be able to use ProCal eView.


  • Select the Administration menu and select the "Organizations" option, this will take you to the Organization screen. If an Organization has not been created, the screen will display a message stating that an Organization must be created.

  • To create a new Organization, select the Create button. This will open the Create Organization screen.


  • To create an Organization, complete the form and then select the Create button. Continue for more information about each field.
    • Company Name - the name of Organization or Company that is using ProCal eView.

    • Registered To - the owner of the ProCal eView license that is associated with this instance of ProCal eView. IMPORTANT: the value entered in the Registered To field must exactly match the Organization value that is contained in the licensing file. This value can be found in the email that contained the license file or by contacting Support.

    • Registered Email - the email address associated with the Organization.

    • Report Files Location - the ProCalV5 Report Directory, as set within the ProCalV5 application.

    • Report Output Location - the folder destination where all executed reports will be stored.

    • Note: If the report was emailed successfully, the program will clean up the file from the Output directory.

  • After the form is completed select the Create button to save the Organization. The user will be returned to the Organization screen and a message appears informing the user that the Organization was created.



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