DeviceSync 3 for Calibrators - Overview

Overview of process steps:


Send Assets from ProCalV5 Find Assets in DeviceSync 3 /
Download to Calibrator
Upload Calibrations and Send to ProCalV5 Authorize Results



Send Assets from ProCalV5

Use the Upload/Download screen in ProCalV5 to send items as "Assets" to DeviceSync 3

See Download to Send Assets to DeviceSync 3 for more information.



Find Assets and Download to Calibrator

Use DeviceSync, based on the PCX web application, to find Assets and download to your local calibrators.

See DeviceSync 3 Assets Page Overview for more information.


Upload Calibration and Send to ProCalV5

Use DeviceSync's Upload function and Results page to send the Results you want into a waiting area for ProCalV5.


Authorize Results

Use the Upload/Download screen in ProCalV5 to Upload from the DeviceSync 3 Adapter, and Authorize or Skip Calibration Results as needed.





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