This document provides an overview and details on IT requirements for installing and running DeviceSync.  To communicate with ProCal, DeviceSync utilizes Amazon’s SQS cloud-based messaging service.  DeviceSync opens a channel for receiving sessions and a separate channel for sending results.  In addition DeviceSync requires access to web services running on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.

To ensure proper functionality it is important that the appropriate permissions be configured to allow connections to our AWS SQS queues and services. Below you will find the range of IP's to allow connections to pass through your firewall.


Internet access

Administrator rights for installation and troubleshooting.

Below are the firewall settings to allow connections to AWS SQS queues and services.


External Network

Allow connections to IP Address

Open IP address ranges for AWS us-east-1 (North Virginia) region

Allow Protocol



Applicable to; DeviceSync v1.x.x