DeviceSync x64

Version 1.2.1

Database Version Updated! - Updates are automatic with auto-download of version update

ProCalV5 Agent Updated to include new File Transfer functionality.

New Feature!

- File Transfers between ProCalV5 / ProCalDirect and DeviceSync!

This update makes it easier to transfer files via ProCalV5 Patch B, and your PCX Organization to your local DeviceSync installations.

1. Export to Mobile Workstation - in ProCalV5 with "DeviceSync" option, you can send your server-side MDB file to your local PC with DeviceSync.

2. Send Files to DeviceSync - A new Tools menu option was added to ProCalV5 (optional module) which allows users to transmit files of any kind from ProCalV5.

3. Upload files from DeviceSync back to your ProCalV5 or ProCalDirect server environment - easier than copying via shared folders or Remote Desktop Protocol and gets around challenges with other virtual environments.

Need Help? More Information - read more here: Mobile File Transfers 

Sample Screen - when File Transfers are enabled for your PCX Organization they appear in a new tab!

Thank you for using DeviceSync with PCX and ProCalV5!