The objective of using DeviceSync Mobile File Transfers is to centralize the communication of Files from server storage used by the ProCalV5 application and the remote technicians using DeviceSync. 

The use of DeviceSync for Mobile File Transfers makes a few key presumptions

  1. ProCalV5 Users all have the same starting file path such as a mapped network drive that they Export files to via Tools - Export Selected Items
  2. The server or computer running the ProCal Agent software service may access that same network drive with potentially a different path (such as a UNC path \\server\share).
  3. Your PCX Organization's Users all have their ProCalV5 User ID configured.

If you have not done or achieved the above open a ticket and PTI Technical Support can help you assess your environment for compatibility.

Initial Preparation: Understanding your ProCalV5 Environment

In ProCalV5 there are several key ODBC data sources used in the Mobile Workstation process. As an Agent Installer, you will want to document the typical environment.

PROCAL58X - this is the default file location where a user would Export PCMobile5.mdb files to for delivery to a Mobile Workstation installation

PROCAL58I - this is the default file location where a user might find a PCMobile5.mdb file to Import.

In both cases, the user is given an opportunity to choose a different file location


Take a closer look at the configuration steps in the Agent Installation Document involving "For mobile exports/imports"

  1. Ensure you are using a Mapped Network drive path that is used consistently for PROCAL58X as your setting for:
  2. And ensure you are using some similar path for 

Deciding where to install ProCal Agent

It is important that ProCal Agent has

  1. Access to your Database
  2. Access to your user's file system
  3. Access to the internet (In particular Amazon Web Services US-EAST-1 )

ProCal Agent is designed to run as a Service in Windows or a Linux shell script. Your IT Administrator may want to configure additional settings manually to allow ProCal Agent to restart automatically when the operating system starts up.


See the Agent Installation Document for more information.