Q: How do I add Locations to the "Location drop-down"?

A: Select the Settings-->Configuration.  Once open, click anywhere on the line titled "Locations", a button to Add Location appears.  To add a Sub-Location you must first add a Location, once the Location is added another additional button titled "Add Sub-Location" will appear.

Q: How do I edit a Location Name?

A: With the Location Name you would like to edit open, click the "Pen and Paper" icon, which will allow you to edit the value in line. 

Q: Why can I not delete my Locations?

A: To delete a Location you must open the Configurations which is located in the Settings.  Once open you will want to select the Location that you want deleted, once selected you will notice a "trash can" icon; selecting the icon will delete the Location.  If a message "This Location value is in use and cannot be removed" appears, you are going to need to navigate to any Asset that contains this Location and either remove the Location or change to a different Location.  Once the Location has been removed from all Assets, you will be able to successfully delete the Location.

Q: How do I see previously deleted Results and Assets?

A: Clicking the Deleted Items option will default to the list of All Assets Deleted, if you want to see Deleted Results you will need to click the Item Category button and change to Results.

Q: Why is my Due Date not rolling forward correctly?

A: There may be a few reasons for this; The first thing you need to confirm are the As Found and As Left Results.  If both the As Found and As Left Results are "Incomplete", then the Due Date will not roll forward.  Another thing you will want to check is the Calibration Frequency field on the associated asset.  The Due Date rolls according to this value, so if it was wrong or accidentally removed from the asset the Result will not roll the date to the date intended.

Q: Can I recover my Deleted Results/Assets?

A: In PCX Starter Edition you are not able to recover your Deleted Results/Assets.

Q: How do I add Attachments to Assets/Results?

A: First thing you will need to do is select the Asset or Result that you would like to add the Attachment to.  Upon opening the Asset/Result you will notice the Attachment section.  You will need to select the Edit button, followed by the Add button to start adding an Attachment.

Q: What is the maximum file size allowed for Attachments?

A: 20 MB per file.

Q: Can I change my Instrument ID or Test Standard ID?

A: Yes, you are able to change any Instrument ID or Test Standard ID by opening the asset and clicking the Edit button.  After the ID has been edited, any previously created results for that ID will display the old ID in the Result list view, but when you select the result the view will display the new ID.  All reports with results will display the ID as it was at the time the result was recorded.

Q: Can I change my Instrument into a Test Standard, if a I accidentally selected the wrong Asset Type?

A:  No, you currently cannot convert a Test Standard into an Instrument or vice versa.

Q: Why is my Report blank?

A: A report will be displayed as "blank" in the preview if the parameters are not set correctly, hence not returning any results that fit the parameters that have been set.  When setting parameters, you should hover your mouse over the help hints to make sure you are selecting values, as well as dates, that are valid and intended.  

Q: What do I put in the Tolerance field?

A:  For Starter edition the tolerance field is a reference point for to the total allowable error for an asset.  The number cannot be negative and will be displayed as a percentage.

Q: In Starter Edition, which Range is "The Range"?

A: In Starter Edition there is only one area to enter the Range.  Whatever you use as the actual range for testing should be entered in the range fields (Low Range and High Range fields).  Typically the range entered is referred to as the Calibration Range, but if your organization uses the Instrument Range to calibrate, that value should be entered instead.

Q: How do I add additional columns to the Assets/Results grids?

A: On both the Assets and Results screen there is a grid icon in the upper right corner above the grid.  Selecting this icon will provide you with a list of additional columns you can add, in addition to removing columns that you do not need in view.  These settings are not saved and will reset each time you reload the page.

Q: Can I change the Language in Starter Edition?

A: If you are a customer that uses both DeviceSync for ProCalV5 in addition to Starter Edition for PCX, you will notice that there is an option in the User Profile titled Preferred Language, which allows you as the user to change the labels of all fields to another language.  However, Starter Edition alone is only an English based program, hence why you will not see the Preferred Language option if you only belong to Starter(s) Edition organizations.

Q: Can you move or change the widgets on the Home screen?

A: Currently you are not able to move the position if the widgets or change the kind of widgets that you see.  The default widgets for Starter Edition are for Assets and Results.

Q: How can I be sure my data is safe?

A: PCX Starter Edition and PCX for DeviceSync utilize several replicated servers to decrease the likelihood of a system crash. There is also a daily backup done in the rare case of a need to restore information. File attachments are stored in a highly replicated and resilient file system using a leading cloud provider.