Welcome to the initial release of PCX Starter Edition by Prime Technologies!


  • ProCalOnline.com is now PCX!
  • https://primepcx.com is the new application URL
  • PCX Starter Edition is now available as a single user, single site basic calibration management system

New Features

  • Asset creation, editing, deleting: Instruments and Test Standards
    • Calibration Due Date assignment and Calibration Frequencies (pre-configured)
    • Basic Starter Test Specifications on Instruments with built in pre-configured list of Units
    • File attachments
  • Result creation, editing, deleting: Calibrations for Instruments
    • Due Date updates based on all but Incomplete Calibrations
    • Capture Test Standards Used to enhance traceability
    • Asset and Test Standard snapshots captured
    • File attachments
  • Reporting
    • Work History Report
    • Items Due Report
    • Calibration Certificate Report
    • Reverse Traceability Report
  • Home
    • Basic Starter Dashboard
  • Deleted Items
    • Allows a view of what items have been deleted
  • Self-Sign up


  • Using primepcx and PCX branding instead of ProCalOnline.com
  • Look at feel of DeviceSync-related online administration is slightly different
  • Two Editions of the PCX SaaS solution are available as of Summer 2018:
    • "Starter" which refers to a single user, single site, purely web-based application for calibration management
    • "DeviceSync for ProCalV5" which refers to the online portal for User Administration in order to connect ProCalV5 with DeviceSync

Known Limitations

  • Empty date filters may not return desired results
  • Reports will export to PDF but may not display properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11


  • Browser recommendations
    • Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • DeviceSync : see Requirements

Other Impacts

  1. DeviceSync 1.0.4 - required update: Updates backend services to new primepcx.com domain
    • DeviceSync will auto-update in the background when published - check the "Messages" area for details on when it detects the update and applies the installation upon Quitting DevceSync
  2. Mediator Agent - No updates
  3. ProCalV5 Virtual COM Port for DeviceSync - updated to use "PCX" brand name
  4. Help Center - New content and topics on FreshDesk-powered site
    • find solutions
    • open tickets
    • join community forums

See https://helpcenter.primetechpa.com for more information

Having Problems? Want to give Feedback?

  • If you encounter a problem with PCX or DeviceSync during the this release or would like to issue a feature request
  • Thank you in advance for your feedback and we hope to continue meeting your calibration and asset testing needs as we move forward more exciting features and updates!