Deleting Assets starts with opening the Assets screen.

  • Once the grid of Assets is open you will need to select the specific Asset you would like to Delete.
  • Upon clicking the Asset the Instrument or Test Standard Show page appear

  • To Delete the Asset click the Delete button.
  • Once you click the Delete button an additional screen will appear asking "Are you sure you want to remove this record?"
    • Clicking Yes will successfully remove the Asset.
    • Clicking No will return you back to the Show Asset page.

  • If you select Yes, you will be directed back to the All Assets page with a confirmation message stating which Asset was successfully removed.  In addition the Asset that was selected is no longer in the grid on the All Assets page.
  • To confirm the Asset was removed you can click the Deleted Items option and will see the details of the Asset that was deleted, in addition to who removed it and when they removed.  (See DELETED ITEMS)