If you have forgotten your password to sign into your PCX account, you can easily reset your password at any time.

  • The first thing you will need to do is select the Forgot Password link on the Login Page.
  • Once prompted with the Forgot Password screen, input your Email Address

  • Upon selecting the Submit button, after entering your Email Address, you will be presented with a confirmation message indicating you should check your email for further instructions.

  • Navigate to your Email, you will find a link that will direct you to the page where you will set your password.  The link in the email is only valid for four (4) hours, after which you will need to go through the workflow of resetting your password again.

  • The link directs you to the Reset Password page where you will be entering your new password, and then once more for confirmation.  
    • Some stipulations when entering a new password:
      • Must be a minimum 8 characters
      • Must contain at least one (1) capital letter and at least one (1) number
      • The password must not contain a portion of the email.
        • EXAMPLE: Email user@prime.com, Password Prime123;  This will NOT work

  • After entering a new, matching password, click the Change Password button.
    • If the passwords do not match, you will not be permitted to proceed.

  • Upon clicking the Change Password button, you will be presented with a login screen and a confirmation message stating you have successfully changed your password.
  • Once you see the confirmation message you are safe to enter your Email Address and your new password to login.

See LOGGING INTO PCX to continue once password has been reset.