• The registration process continues when you receive two (2) different emails; an Account Verification email and a Welcome email.
    • If the email that you are using has already been registered with another Tenant, you will only receive one (1) email, the Welcome email.

  • You will need to select the "Link" in the Verification Email, which will take you to Verification Page 

  • The Verification page allows you to set your password and then confirm the password, this will be the password you will be using to gain access to PCX. 


Some stipulations when entering a new password:
  • Must be a minimum 8 characters
  • Must contain at least one (1) capital letter and at least one (1) number
  • The password must not contain a portion of the email.
    • EXAMPLE: Email, Password Prime123;  This will NOT work

  • Once you enter matching passwords and click the Verify button, you will be presented with a confirmation message and directed to the Login Page.

See LOGGING INTO PCX once you have successfully registered.