Before you are able to do anything within PCX, you need an Organization to work in.  To give PCX a try for 60 days you will need to navigate to the "PCX Sign Up Page".  

This is availble at

  •  You will need to enter an Organization Name, this will be the name of your Organization that will be used throughout the program and is unable to be changed.  The Organization name can be a maximum of 255 characters and can consist of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • First Name and Last Name fields populated by the user.  Both fields have a 255 character limit, and can be changed later.
  • Email Address, must be valid email address, will not be able to change later.  This will be the email address the Tenant Registration Email is sent to.
  • All fields are required in order to successfully Register.
  • Upon clicking the Register button, you will be directed to the "Sign Up Confirmation Page"

  • Once you receive the email to verify your account, you will need to follow the link to confirm your password which you will use when logging in.
    • If the verification link does not work, please contact Support and they can re-send a verification link.
  • Upon Signing Up and Registering, you have the ability to login to PCX at
    • If any errors appear, please reach out to Tech Support at

The link below will provide additional information related to Registering, Logging In, and Adding Assets as well as Results.

See REGISTRATION to complete the Registration workflow.

See LOGGING INTO PCX if you have already signed up and registered.

See ADDING INSTRUMENTS/TEST STANDARDS/RESULTS for more information on getting started with adding your data into PCX.