PCX Virtual Port


Install the Agent Adapter alongside any ProCalV5 or higher Client Workstation or Administrator Workstation installation. Presumes the user has not manually removed the Fluke DPC Driver from their ProCalV5 installation.


Download the primepcx.com Virtual Port installation and extract, if necessary, to a local drive. Run setup.exe to start the installation. If required you may need to confirm Administrative Rights for the setup application.

Click Next to begin the installation.

Accept the License Agreement and click Next.

You may skip the Customer Information section and click Next.

IMPORTANT: Select the folder where your ProCal V5 application is installed and click Next. Use the “Change…” button to alter this if you have used an alternative drive or folder path.

Continue to follow the prompts and confirm each installation step by clicking Next, and click Finish to end the installation.


If installed properly go to ProCalV5 and open the Upload/Download screen. use the Refresh Ports button. If you see an available Port “PCX Adapter” your Virtual Port has been successfully installed. See the section on DeviceSync for more on sending tags to your locally connected calibrator.